Ideal for: ISPs, WISPs, VARs, Telcos

VoIP – Expand Your Product Offering

All you need for a successful VoIP service

The Next Big Step for Your Business is VoIP – We Deliver Both Quality Voice & Rates

MitoTec’s White Label VoIP:

This is your opportunity to add this easy to implement VoIP service that will not only increase your monthly revenues but will also help increase customer retention. You can create bundled packages with your other services.

Our Wholesale VoIP is a white-labeled solution that allows you to connect your brand with our solution, enabling you to build your reputation with your customers. Portal features and billing are under your own brand, making for a smooth transition to add this solution to your offerings.

Simply sign up and we will provide you with all the support and tools you need for a successful VoIP service. Because wholesale VoIP rates are low, you can make a huge profit by selling it at a retail level. How much profit you make is up to you because you will decide your own retail rates for the VoIP service.

As a VoIP reseller, you will have complete control of your service, but you will not have to be on your own. MitoTec provides support to its customers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can simply contact us, and we will assist you.

Our solution offers end-users the best features and capabilities around. Including:

  • Easy management
  • Call forwarding/Follow-Me
  • Advanced voicemail recording/reading
  • Text/SMS Messaging
  • More reliable telephony operation
  • Variety of Phone options
Advanced VoIP Solutions For Your Customers
  • Increase Your Revenues

  • Improve Your Product Portfolio

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Excellent Rates

  • 24/7/365 Support

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Advanced VoIP Platform

  • Highest Quality Equipment

  • Audio, Video & Data Applications

Solutions delivered by our dedicated team of certified experts

Help Your Customers Save Money & Simplify Operations.