Ideal for: Small to medium business with 8-200 employees

VoIP – Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Business VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, provides businesses everywhere a powerful solution to improve communication and collaboration.

More than a Phone – Calls, Video & Data for True Productivity

Hosted VoIP for Small & Medium Companies:

Cloud telephony options have become the standard for modern business telephone service. They are extremely cost effective, can increase productivity and connectivity, extend your reachability and can be used nearly anywhere; and require none of the hardware investment of traditional PBX systems.

With cloud-based VoIP, you get advanced communications and collaboration capabilities previously only available to large organizations—but without the hassle and on-going costs. Get access to advanced communications features such as, HD-quality voice, video conferencing, email-to-voice, presence tracing, CRM integration, mobile and remote support, and more. Enhance your productivity and evolve your work style to become more mobile and team oriented.

Get Premium Features with Your Small Business VoIP Solution
  • Easy to Use Management App

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Video Capabilities

  • Auto Attendant

  • Unlimited Calling

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Voice to Email

  • Call Queuing

  • Custom Hold Music

  • Call forwarding/Follow-Me
  • Advanced Voicemail Recording/Reading

  • Text/SMS Messaging

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