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Campus-Wide & Large Scale WiFi

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MitoTec’s WiFi-as-a-Service Platform:

If you have a wide campus-based area, it can be challenging to get connectivity across the entire property – not to mention supporting large numbers of users, planning for different security levels, and getting fast and reliable connectivity to every corner. Let MitoTec help. We will take into consideration all your needs before determining the best equipment and solution for your organization. The type and quantity of access points can vary widely based on the size of the location/venue, number of expected users, and the types of applications they use.

We offer an innovative platform which operates on a monthly fee and requires no initial capital expenses for the purchase of wireless access points (APs). The pricing is proportionate to the size of the campus, and therefore only gets charged on a per-need basis.

We go through a rigorous design process to ensure that we are building a suitable plan that addresses all your end-users, security and role-based access control, applications and more. And we offer comprehensive monitoring reporting to keep you informed and aware of any changes or issues in the way your WiFi network is being used.

MitoTec uses equipment that is standards-based, open architecture, and best-in-breed, including:

  • Access Points
  • Network Switches
  • Next-generation Firewalls
  • IP Connected Power
Large Scale WiFi – Infrastructure, Software, & Managed Services
  • Accommodate Crowd Connectivity

  • Advanced Security

  • Equipment Replacement as Technology Evolves

  • Role-Based Policy Management

  • Traffic Analysis & Reporting

  • Customizable KPI Reporting

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Highest Quality Equipment

  • Custom & Optimized Network Design

IT solutions delivered by our dedicated team of certified experts

Get Reliable and Secure WiFi Connectivity for All.