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Large-Scale WiFi

Enjoy fast, reliable connectivity across all corners of your campus with customized solutions and best-in-class equipment.

Connect Your Community With Fast, Secure WiFi

Customized WiFi for Campuses

If your organization covers a wide area, it can be challenging to enjoy connectivity across the entire property, support large numbers of users and plan for different security levels.

Our rigorous design process ensures a suitable plan to address all your applications, end-users, security and role-based access control. And our comprehensive monitoring keeps you aware of any issues that arise.

Our innovative platform operates on a monthly fee and requires no initial capital expenses for the purchase of wireless access points (APs). Pricing is proportionate to the size of your campus, so you incur charges on a per-need basis only.

We use equipment that is standards-based and open architecture:

  • Access Points
  • Network Switches
  • Next-generation Firewalls
  • IP Connected Power
Infrastructure, Software & Managed Services
  • Accommodate Crowd Connectivity

  • Advanced Security

  • Equipment Replacement as Technology Evolves

  • Role-Based Policy Management

  • Traffic Analysis & Reporting

  • Customizable KPI Reporting

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Highest Quality Equipment

  • Custom & Optimized Network Design

Partner with Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Upgrade the connectivity of your campus and enjoy a better sense of community.