Ideal for: Small to medium business with 8-200 employees

Backup – & Disaster Recovery

Stay Up and Running – Protect Your Data & Reputation.

Ensure Your Business Continuity – No Matter What the Risk

Safeguarding Your Data Is Our Priority:

At MitoTec, we take the security and safeguarding of your data as a top priority. Every business needs a proper backup and recovery plan to ensure they can continue operations during a disaster of any kind.

What would happen to your if:

  • An employee lost a computer, or it was stolen?
  • Your files got corrupted and were not recoverable?
  • An employee clicked on a link that encrypted your entire network and demanded ransom?
  • Your area suffered from a natural disaster of some kind and your building and equipment were destroyed or damaged?

Minor misfortunes happen every day in businesses and major disaster may also occur. Files become corrupt. Hard drives fail. Fires wipe out computers and all the data on them. Ransomware attacks turn crucial business files into undecipherable gibberish.

Your business needs to be prepared for any disaster. This means creating an appropriate data backup strategy and an IT disaster recovery plan that fits your unique situation, what type of data you store, your industry and your security requirements.

Minimize Downtime, Protect Your Data Assets, Recover in Minutes of Outage
  • Peace of Mind

  • Flexible Data Backup

  • Secure & Compliant

  • Speedy Disaster Recovery

  • Comprehensive Data Recovery

  • Real-Time & Automated Backups

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Ensured Business Continuity

  • Protect & Defend Critical Data

IT solutions delivered by our dedicated team of certified experts

Avoid Costly Downtime – Secure Your Most Critical Asset.